Reopening Guidelines

The Boulder Theater has reopened following local, state, and national health guidelines.

In an effort to keep you, our staff, and our artists safe, we ask that you follow these venue guidelines:

  • Please stay home if you experience any symptoms or exposure to COVID-19
  • Purchase tickets online
    • If it’s necessary to purchase tickets at the door, the box office will be open on event days, 1.5 hours before doors open
  • You will receive an email 24 hours before the event
  • If you are unvaccinated, we strongly recommend you keep your mask on when you are not actively eating or drinking
    • Masks will be available for purchase prior to entering the venue
  • Please use hand sanitizing stations available after check-in and throughout the venue
  • Please follow arrows and security guidance, and do not crowd the exit once a show has ended
  • We reserve the right to deny entry or ask attendees to leave if they are not following the guidelines we have enacted to keep everyone safe

Our venue and staff will be adhering to the following protocols:

  • All doors, tables, handles, ticket scanners, computers, and railings will be routinely sanitized
  • Air flow will be maximized with open doors
    • Our HVAC is set to pull in as much fresh air as possible and is maintained quarterly
  • All bathrooms will:
    • Have foot openers at the bottom of doors to avoid using handles
    • Have automatic soap and paper towel dispensers available
    • Be cleaned and sanitized at regular intervals
  • Our production team will:
    • Ensure all touring artists are adhering to venue safety measures
    • Clean all equipment after each use (microphones, house sound boards, light board, cables)
    • Supply hand sanitizer and alcohol wipes throughout the green rooms and on stage
  • All venue employees:
    • Are required to wash their hands for 30+ seconds after using the restroom, sneezing, touching their face, blowing their nose, cleaning, smoking, eating & drinking, going on break, and before/after each shift
    • Will go through an extensive reopening guide and training